Team SSOA represents on issues relating to Time Use Survey

Team SSOA represents on issues relating to Time Use Survey

Team SSOA has always supported new surveys bestowed upon NSSO creating additional regular positions but without putting our existing field staff to a health damaging situation.

We believe that in every likelihood we are robustly advancing towards a pre-slated fiasco of first Time Use Survey (TUS) of India. It looms to be a situation like the ammunition are not at disposal to start the much needed cannon fusillade and since the commencement of battle was pre-scheduled, so the soldiers must start it timely with bow and arrow, regardless of its aftermath. We believe that the anticipated fiasco of Time Use Survey (TUS) will have a percolation effect on SE survey as well, since it would irreparably be affected by the withdrawal of the delicately poised staff strength and replicate a move like implantation of an organ of a living body in a cadaver.

Therefore, Team SSOA has written to ADG(FOD) on 07.01.2019 drawing his sincere attention in the matter of Time Use Survey. We have solicited his timely intervention regarding commencement of TUS so that without the prerequisites viz. manpower with proper training and gadgets loaded with software arranged, the TUS may be put on hold for sake of health, fame and enviable record of NSSO (FOD) and its resplendent image may be prevented from being tarnished.

We have highlighted the recent D.O. letter dated 01.01.2019 which was sent from F.O.D HQ to the regional heads of different ROs. Pursuant to this D.O. Letter meetings have been conducted at various regional offices. It has been accepted in the said letter that:

  • The software for data entry, as it was originally envisaged that the schedules would be canvassed in the electronic mode, is not yet ready.
  • Nature of data collection requires the knowledge of ICATUS, 2016 (International Classification of Activities for TUS) along with cautious and sensitive probing of activities spanning 24 hours in half hourly time slot by the field officials.
  • Most importantly, the designated primary worker as originally envisaged and even expressed by D. G. (Survey) in a meeting with the members of SSOA on 8th October 2018 are the contractual staffs viz. FIs and FOs. The D. O. letter expressed that the FIs and FOs are not yet in position.
  • Regional heads were requested to utilize the services of JSOs and SSOs preferably in team approach for canvassing the schedules.
  • Initially, the care of training of any new FI involved in TUS has to be taken by senior FI or JSO in the team, SSO in charge.
  • TUS involves an approach for data collection which is different from the usual approach followed by the FOD officers in SE survey.

In view of the aforementioned averment, we have requested that the following points to be pondered here that doggedly the period of survey is being stuck shrouding its prospect on account of the reasons in galore:

  • Absence of manpower and software.
  • JSOs and SSOs have been planned to be utilized as if they are all sitting idle or there has been a declaration of SE survey holiday during January to December 2019.
  • Upcoming TUS has been understood to be different in approach from conventional SE survey, with which regular staffs are used to. Moreover, nature of data collection has been perceived to call for knowledge of ICATUS 2016 and cautious & sensitive probing.
  • The training of these kinds of expertise and grooming of the trainees would be done by, among others, senior FIs. If this is the case, those days are possibly not far away, when the practice of imparting training in RTC, AIWOT by senior ISS officers would be dispensed with and in a spree of frantic casualisation and contractualisation the senior FIs & FOs would replace them and the fate of NSSO would be relegated to the destiny.
  • Finally, it would be germane to point out that in proposed TUS a total number of 14 households will be selected from each FSU and canvassed during seven consecutive days. Two households will be canvassed on each day of the week.

A copy of the letter submitted to ADG(FOD) may be downloaded by clicking  HERE



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