Vigilance Clearance sought for promotion to JTS of ISS

The ISS Division of MoSPI  of MoSPI has initiated the process for filling the promotee quota to the post of JTS of ISS. The Vigilance Section has issued an OM seeking Vigilance Clearance in respect of 271 SSOs including those who have already retired. It is expected that approximately 126 SSOs may be promoted. Please download a copy of the OM HERE.
We would like to mention here that Team SSOA had recently represented on the issue. The representation may please be downloaded by clicking HERE.
All concerned may ensure that their necessary clearances reache timely to the concerned quarters.

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  1. My name Tapas Bhattacharya E CODE 3161 is not the list please do the needful attems.thanks

  2. How will promotion order issued bloody wanted for 35 years act fast time is running out

  3. Department only bothers for sag hag officers whe jso and sso are the backbone of mospi let good sense prevail in new secy

  4. why iss ,mospi,new delhi is not promoting sso to assistant director when dopt has given green signal in june,2018.they are only bothered about ddg,adg,dg but the backbone is least taken care of their ambitions,wait and staginaTION.DONT PUT THINGS IN COLD STORAGE.SSOA IS LOOKING FOR THE PATHETIC CONDITION OF SSO.EVEN RENDERED 35 YEARS SERVICE SOME RETITRED SOME LIKELY TO RETIRE BUT POROBLEMS NEVER CEASE.PL DO SOMETHOING WHICH WILL MOTIVATE THE OLD ,DISAPPOINTED SSO OTHERWISE FOD WILL CRUMBLE DOWN LIKE PACK OF CARDS.

    1. Sir, the APARs of approximately 30-35 SSOs are yet not received and hence the matter is put on hold. It is learnt that some of the SSOs at the veege of retirement and who are already getting higher grade pay due ACP/MACP are not interested in getting the promotion due to fear of posting outside their home state/hometown and it appears they are intentionally delaying their APARs

  5. The person’s who are not interested can forgo their promotions but that does not mean people would suffer who are looking forward from last three years moreover where there are no apart it means apart cell is sleeping and have good excuse of delaying and play dirty tricks why apart of director .dying director.ddg.adg.etc are missing and they get promotions very quickly our association is very weak whether sso or aiaso

    1. Excuses does not work why apar of higher officers are not missing why it is of sso only why was apar cell sleeping .why they don’t make timely correspondence with deptts for submission of apar .if apar are lost by apar cell then who is responsible kindly think and then reply

  6. In next birthday I pray to God never send me on earth and if not possible then never in mospi now days Kai are promoted in nearly 7 years but we have tendered 35 years of service only one promotion and couple of service left behind we have given our youth in serving god but no regard let good sense prevail in who are on top of organisation

  7. On one side mospi regularised sso after 9 years that too after court case and we cannot even apply for deputation now because after 56 yrs of age we are not eligible for it now two punishments together because for sso to AD it requires 3 yrs service hence both sides punished and lost time nobody bothers only touring and earning ta/da does not matter respect matters in life I can feel it
    for it

  8. why dont association give reply to my queries

  9. what about promotion of sso to astt director.viglance clearence was sought by mospi on 30/08/2018 for promotion to asstt director from sso.nearly 4 months passed but no promotion orders.vigilance is valid for three months.would now take another vigilance clearence and pass excuse for another three months. delay tactics as nobody is maibaap of favourable conditions.why all india strike call is not given by aiaso or and die this way or leave it tonight.

  10. sss is lagging behind in every promotion order of jso or sso.why so mai baap of jso or sso.unless and until we strike nothing is going to happen.

    1. why ssoa is silent all dead

  11. sso retired in nov then in dec2018 but not promoted and again in jan 2019 ,feb 2019 again some will retire but no promotion despite vigilance section issued order in 29/08/2018 .seems to be mockery of iss section making fool of sso and ssoa is sleeping .Asso is dead.

  12. 26th Feburary gone but no promotion order of sso to astt director .what a mockery.around 6 months gone when vigilance clearence was sought for promotion but so much mai baap of sso of sss.spent 35 years of service only one promotion till today.what a deptt

  13. Association should be closed and we would fight on our own behalf

  14. Now there is no response from association they are mere the puppets of mospi good for nothing I am resigning as a member of assoc

  15. Association should be closed now they are of no use dead person’s only bothered about ta/da and furlough in field

  16. Nobody has guts to reply me

  17. why not close association both aiaso and ssoa

    1. i tell jso dont spoil time and future career in mospi.find a chance and leave mospi as early as possible as deptt is least cared for sso promotion they are concerned about director promotion to ddg and ddg to adg and adg to dg ie all making fool of cadre review of sss rs 4200 to 4600 and 4600 to 4800.see css cadre assistants have pay scale of rs 4600 non gazetted ans so of 4800 .we have to work under so in other ministry.what a deptt

  18. no response from bloody assoc

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